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I'm a train! Ya know what trains do? They get movin'!

Yesterday, the 14th of April,  marked the relaunch of Vagabond Balloon, my on-going autobiographical comic strip that's been in existence for 5 years. 5 whole years! That's a long time. I've talked a lot before about how this strip has really changed the course of my life, so I wont bore anyone with more of that. Instead, lets go with an update schedule and what to expect!

Vagabond Balloon - Daily through the 19th of April then every M-W-F
At the end of every scheduled day, I'll sit down and make a comic from the day I just had. Each comic will be uploaded here and over on My Tumblr when it's finished. Typically, I follow the standard stand-alone strip format, but occasionally I'll have a bigger idea and will make a double sized strip or a multi-part arc. It really depends on the day and keeps things interesting.

Each comic will include a short post-script going into more detail, explaining something else, and generally just providing a little more insight into me and my life. Vagabond Balloon started as a way to communicate with people outside of my room, so everyone is encouraged to share their own stories and feelings in the comments. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Suburban Soup - Every other Saturday starting the 26th of April
Suburban Soup is my big personal project about best friends going about their lives in a suburban town with nothing but each other. Every other Saturday I'll post up anything from a wide variety of concept work I've done to build the project and elaborate on the characters, town, stories, or whatever! Everything will kick off with a description of what Suburban Soup is, why, and what it hopes to be. After that, maybe you'll see some character bios, schematics, stories that have been cut - it's like a grab bag!

The one thing that will not happen as of yet is final story execution. Disappointing, I know, but I'm setting things up for a much bigger project down the line, so for now I need to hold back and see where things go. Eventually it will happen, but the format isn't clear just yet. Animation? Comic? That's what I'm working on figuring out - but I don't want to hand out my stories before I do.

B-sides - When it's done
In my projected scheduled I included a FanArt Friday - but I decided to scrap that idea in favor of another VB strip every week. I don't want to force out some love for something, especially when I can be working on something more personal. Instead, any other work will be completely random. Gotta keep things interesting!

Bravest Warriors - 22 May, 5 June, 12 June
I've been freelancing for the Cartoon Hangover show Bravest Warriors over on Youtube as a background designer. Every episode, I make some .gifs showcasing the backgrounds and scenes I worked on over on Tumblr. There's been a short hiatus, but these are the release dates for the final 3 episodes of season 2. It's a really cool show and I encourage everyone to check it out and look for my backgrounds! 

As always, you're more than welcome to follow me over on Twitter where I've been posting in progress sneak peeks, talking to everyone, and the usual Twitter non-sense. There's also been a lot of rat pictures lately, if you're into cute things. You can kind of see twitter as a stripped down version of VB in the sense that it's just me talking about whatever's in my head at the time. It'll be fun!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a comic to draw.

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superkiel Apr 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
superkiel Apr 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
how r u.
Doin' alright. What's up?
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joatmeal Mar 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
your name is joe my name is joe we should be friends
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