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Day 223 by JoeMcGro
Day 223

Day 223.

In two weeks time, we'll be in California. I think Kelly and I are both a little conflicted about it, but it is exciting. Kelly really wants to stick around here with her family and I'm just terrified to start my first full-time job next to other professionals. It's really a big intimidating move - but I have to keep reminding myself how awesome it will be once we're there.

We're starting our drive on Monday with a planned four day visit to Colorado on the way. I don't know when the next strip will be, but I can promise it'll be made in California.

Wish us luck!


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Bravest Warriors Space Whale by JoeMcGro
Bravest Warriors Space Whale

Bravest Warriors Space Whale

To celebrate my moving out to work on Bravest Warriors season 3, I figured I'd make a comic strip that can double as a sweet image! I really want a model of this ship, but for now I'll have to settle. Might also make this available as a print if there's any interest.

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8-Bit Medics VS The Legend of Zelda by JoeMcGro
8-Bit Medics VS The Legend of Zelda

The 8-Bit Medics can not be stopped!

The guys have already cleared The Legend of Zelda and have moved onto Link to the Past! So far they've raised  $660 for This Star Wont Go Out, ate some ghost peppers, and raffled off a tshirt!

They'll be continuing to play through the Zelda series all weekend as well as raffling offer tshirts (featuring a logo I designed), and 2 of my posters. Check them out, have some fun, and donate a couple of bucks to a good cause.

Day 222 by JoeMcGro
Day 222

Day 222.

Looks like I'm moving to California! I've finally been given a start date on Bravest Warriors season 3, and we're making plans to head out west so I can formally join the rest of the crew in the Frederator office as a full-time background designer. I'm equally excited and terrified, but working on season 2 was the coolest thing I've ever done. Hopefully I wont screw it up!


If anyone is interested in a full color version of this comic minus the words, panel borders, and halftones - I'm working on it! I'm so excited I couldn't hold back and just really went at it. Also, I love space scenes. I hope I get to do a couple on the show.

(Can everyone please bug Frederator for a statue of the whale-ship?)

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8-Bit Medics TSWGO by JoeMcGro
8-Bit Medics TSWGO

The 8-Bit Medics are a group of EMTs who work hard every day, on and off the clock, to help people in need. A few years ago they started a video game streaming marathon in support of charities, and now they want to make it a regular event!

Starting tomorrow, 8-Bit Medics will be livestreaming a The Legend of Zelda marathon in support of This Star Wont Go Out, a charity founded in 2011 dedicated to helping out the families of children who are diagnosed with cancer however they can.

The event starts tomorrow at 11am EST but you can donate now to help unlock more levels to keep them playing throughout the whole weekend.


I did a lot of work for these guys including this, a logo, and another banner which I'll put up tomorrow. During the event they'll be holding contests in which you can enter to win a huge poster version of my banners, or even a shirt featuring the logo I designed! It's all for a great cause, so check them out.

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A lot of great things have been happening in space recently. Bravest Warriors, Space Dandy, now Guardians of the Galaxy - well I'd like to join them with my own project tentatively titled "Space Girl". It's a new series I've been working on featuring a little orphan girl from Mars who finds a stray dog and travels space looking for adventure - while trying to stay ahead of the men who want to bring her back home.

You've already seen a few peeks at it all in Day 212 and in her own solo design, but I'd like to show everyone a lot more. I have some really cool stories and ideas in mind that I want to turn into a mini-comic or two to be published here online. This will be my first proper journey into something a little longer form, but I'm confident that it'll be one of my coolest projects to date. Unfortunately, all cool things must come at a price. So it's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that...

Starting next week, Vagabond Balloon will only be updating Fridays.

This is something I've been struggling with for a couple of weeks now, as Vagabond Balloon has been one of my absolute favorite things to work on and I really do enjoy making new strips every week. But in order to give myself the time to really write and work out something great, I need to save time where I can. VB will always be something I come back to, and I expect to once the first Space Girl issue is done. But for now - 1 comic a week.

What's this mean for Suburban Soup? I'll be honest - I hit a pretty big bump in the road that really threw me for a loop. Stories weren't coming and everything else was falling apart. I'm going back to the drawing board with the Soup to make sure everything is set for when it premiers. Suburban Soup means a lot to me, so I'm putting it down until I can make it turn out right. You'll still see model sheets and little images here and there, but the main project is being put on hold. Sorry, guys.

I'm already having a lot of fun with "Space Girl" though and I know people who like VB and SS will both be able to get behind what I'm doing with it. I don't know when things will roll out, but trust me it will be worth it!

So, see you Fridays!

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so you draw noodle arms and legs huh.
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I really enjoyed looking at your artwork you seem to have very good experience in balancing out the contrast between light and shadows; You also make your pictures look lively somehow so it's fun to look at them ^_^
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Hey thanks so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed looking everything over.
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Sooooo, sorry imissed yoor birthday, my girl friend broke up with me. So I hope you had a rocken Bday!!:boxer: 
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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! Hope things will pick up for you, dude.

But hey, thanks for the b-day wishes. It was pretty cool, but a little less cool knowing there was some emotional turmoil elsewhere. 
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