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Kaylee by JoeMcGro
What are you thinking about?

When I drew Beans in the shopping cart, this was just going to be left out of the larger Suburban Soup document. But that seemed really dumb to me so I adjusted things to include Noodle and Mad, plus a little atmosphere  (Thanks, spongefox). I definitely think it works a lot better now too.
Defense Mode! by JoeMcGro
Defense Mode!
This is actually an extended version of old illustration you can find here:…
I've obviously been working with Soup a lot lately, piecing things together into a bigger document. Well every document needs a title page so I thought I'd fix this up to suit my needs. Hooray for reusing old work!

There's also a black and white version I made, but that's going to be up on twitter in just a little bit, for anyone interested.
I Wanna Take Ya For A Ride by JoeMcGro
I Wanna Take Ya For A Ride
Throwback city! Population me and the handful of people who watched my short film way back when.

I'm working on a bigger document right now and needed some new art to put in it. The more I looked at the previous solo-Beans illustration, the more I wanted something to show off him more - more face, a little more exciting, and a lot more fun. The 2 together definitely paint a pretty good picture of Beans, but I'll probably be going in and fixing up the previous one in a few days for other purposes.

I hope he checked the bottom of that for raccoons...
Practice Space by JoeMcGro
Practice Space
Had some free time, so I tried out a new look for some background stuff. Oh and I guess Mad's design is done? I may have neglected to tell anyone.

I've been working on Soup stuff a lot lately, things might be coming together sometime maybe.

EDIT: I added some tones to fit the other 2 a little more.
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This year has been a pretty big one for me. I was living with Kellys parents, working a shitty retail job where I wanted to die, and then I drove across the freakin’ continent with my girlfriend, 3 rats, and landed a not-shitty art job that I enjoy going to. That’s so filled with opposites from where I was it’s ridiculous! How does that even happen?!

Things have been so great, but it’s still been a pretty difficult year. We lost my best rat-ular friend Lily in early October. We lost Kellys best rat-ular friend Emmy earlier in February. We also danced the poverty line for a few weeks when we first moved out to California, and I’ve put all of my personal projects on hold as I strive to get as far off that line as possible.

But we’ve also been to DisneyWorld and DisneyLand in the same year. The point is that nothing is ever easy. You need to keep moving forward, past everything awful, or you’ll be stuck in the same old shit for a long time with no way out. So, what am I doing to move even further than where I’ve landed now?

New Years Resolutionsthatwillhopefullyactuallyhappenmaybe

1 - Take better care of myself 
I say every year that I'm going to work out and stuff, but now my brother is doing DDP Yoga and I'm probably going to join him so I'm not the fat mess of the family.

2 - Support independent artists
I've already started doing this, but I want to move forward more. Lately all my music has been coming from independently run bandcamp pages and it's probably the best few months I've ever had musically. With any luck I can transfer that over to visual stuff too.

3 - Get Suburban Soup off the ground
I don't know if it's going to be animated or a new webcomic (probably a webcomic) but one way or another I'm starting this thing. I've been re-writing, re-designing, and re-planning just about everything for this project and I'm hitting that stage where there's no where left to go but an actual thing. It's been put off long enough.

4 - Make myself more present
I'm a hermit. I know it, you know it, it's not a secret. I'm a hermit who lives in my apartment, rarely leaves, and rarely communicates with anyone. While I can't promise I'll leave the apartment much more, I can at least say I'll try to not be "dead" online. (I actually almost made a Halloween comic where the car flipped over in Utah and I died)

Things might happen and other things will get in the way, but I can't just sit back and pretend I don't exist anymore. Shit needs to get done and right now, I have the momentum to keep things going.

This is where I would usually put a "happy new years" picture but Kelly has my Cintiq. Kind of puts a damper on all that huh?

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AstroGirl123 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! Hope ya doing alright man!!! :) Just wanted to say that I love your characters!!! Keep up the great work¡
JoeMcGro Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Aaaaah! Thank you! It's so much fun playing around with these guys but knowing there's others out there enjoying it all is amazing. I'm working on so many big things right now, I hope I have some good news soon.

But yea, I'm doing alright. Hope you are too!
AstroGirl123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! Can't wait to see what it is! :D They're super cute!

Good to hear! I'm hanging in there, thanks! ^^;
Kova360 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015   Digital Artist
My name is Abigail
I like ur Animaniacs art
JoeMcGro Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
Thanks! Sorry there isn't a ton more, I always meant to do some more studies. But hey, thanks for the watch anyway!
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