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8-Bit Medics TSWGO by JoeMcGro 8-Bit Medics TSWGO by JoeMcGro

The 8-Bit Medics are a group of EMTs who work hard every day, on and off the clock, to help people in need. A few years ago they started a video game streaming marathon in support of charities, and now they want to make it a regular event!

Starting tomorrow, 8-Bit Medics will be livestreaming a The Legend of Zelda marathon in support of This Star Wont Go Out, a charity founded in 2011 dedicated to helping out the families of children who are diagnosed with cancer however they can.

The event starts tomorrow at 11am EST but you can donate now to help unlock more levels to keep them playing throughout the whole weekend.


I did a lot of work for these guys including this, a logo, and another banner which I'll put up tomorrow. During the event they'll be holding contests in which you can enter to win a huge poster version of my banners, or even a shirt featuring the logo I designed! It's all for a great cause, so check them out.

okaybeex Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful colors!! You're really getting better with them! :> <3
JoeMcGro Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thanks! Colors have always been my biggest hurdle, if you haven't noticed, and you're so good with them, it's really nice to hear.
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